Fall sources

It finally feels like fall here!  It’s my favorite season!  Porch sitting weather I call it ;).  I wanted to share my fall dining area WITH sources!


My most asked question is where are the feather placemats from?!? Here is a link to very similar ones from Amazon!


I also love using real pumpkins, but this year I mixed faux with real.  Can you tell which are real which are faux?!?

The plates are vintage enamelware.  You can find these usually at any antique store or even at some thrift stores!

The bowls and the cheese board are Rae Dunn, and well you know how hard that stuff is to find.  I get asked all of the time where I find my pieces..  My tips for everyone who are just starting out would be:  shop at your local TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls.  I know finding pieces in these places are not easy.  Join RD groups in your area over on Facebook, shop Mercari app, and eBay. Sometimes you can find a seller who isn’t outrageous on their pricing.  Be careful, just because it says “Magenta” on the bottom doesn’t mean it’s RD.  Magenta makes for tons of designers.  I see this often even in the Facebook trade groups.  As for me, I’ve been collecting for 3 years and it started with 1 coffee cup.  I’d love to have them all!

The houndstooth pumpkin is from one of the small shops over on Instagram.  I’ll link her Etsy shop here:


You can find the greenery and cotton stems at your local hobby lobby.

I used vintage book pages for the feel of a runner.  That’s mainly it, sometimes it’s hard for me to link sources because I frequently shop resale, thrift and antique stores, and yard sales!  A tip I’ll leave with you when styling a table setting:

Think outside of the “traditional” way of styling.  Meaning you don’t have to have everything out on the table.  You see I didn’t put glasses, napkins, or silverware out for the picture.  I cut the clutter ;).  Start with a little texture, then layer from there.


Oh and I can’t forget the link to the pumpkin pillow cover.



I hope you have enjoyed these tips and links!  Please share your spaces using the hashtag #interiorswag over on Instagram!

Budget style plus gift idea!

Ok I’m going out of my comfort zone and sharing a little of my style with you!  I’m not a high end designer, I’m a budget designer.  This is true in my wardrobe too!  Here I’ll share a few of my go to items I’m crushing on right now AND where I bought them from!


This is my go to outfit: basic tee, boyfriend crop jeans, fun sandles, and accessories!  Here are the resources!

The basic tee is from Walmart!  Only $6.88!!!!


The boyfriend cropped jeans are affordable from Old Navy!  Be sure to check for coupon codes to use online or in stores!


The sandles are from Walmart as well for $9.40!


Let me tell you a bit about this amazing wood watch by Jord!  This is my watch:


I’ve teamed up with Jord to bring you a giveaway for a chance to win $100 credit! One person will win, but everyone will receive a $25 code after the giveaway ends (5.7.2017)!  Just follow the easy steps in the link below!




The little necklace is also from Walmart, but I can’t seem to find the exact one!

It always makes me feel better to get up and get dressed daily! You can feel good about yourself without spending tons of money.  Also, the watch is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day or that special grad!  A true time piece!

Luxury Wooden Watch

DIY (distressed spindles)

Hi lovely friends,

I couldn’t wait any longer to share my diy distressing technique for these spindles!  You probably already know the “chippy goodness” is so popular and making its way in tons of homes!  For me, it’s not in my budget to pay tons of money for it, so I wanted to share with you a super budget friendly way!  All you’ll need is:

your spindles, gray and white chalk paint, and 2 paint brushes!  Easy! Ok, here’s what I did!

I found the spindles from Home Depot, $1.67 each!


Then I grabbed the chalk paint I had on hand.  It’s Waverly brand from Walmart.  My thought here is paint a darker color first, so I had a dark gray:


I used the dry brushing technique, dip your brush in the paint, pat off excess, then go for it!


Here’s what my spindles looked like during dry brushing the gray.  After this dries which was quick for me, I switched to my white chalk paint:


I used the same technique with the white as I did with the gray.  So easy and so affordable.  Here’s the finished look!  If you try this quick little project, let me know, tag @interiorswag in your photo on intstagram and use #interiorswag



You can find decor sources for these photos on our Instagram page!  Go to @interiorswag and click follow! Enjoy!

Commercial Office Space

I thought it would be fun to let you guys follow along on this commercial office space project so I am sharing a few of the idea boards with you.

Entry pic

My client request only a few decor items for the entry space.  I am proposing a large logo sign above the secretary desk, a tufted settee, a small rustic bench for the coffee table, gold floor lamp, as well as some modern art.  The existing pieces are traditional pieces, but my vision is for the office to be an eclectic space.  Especially since it is a mortgage company.  I want clients to walk in and envision having some of the pieces in their own home.

Ok, moving on to the conference room:

conf pic

In the conference area I am proposing a long console table on one wall, with a book collage above, 2 lamps, and a few art pieces on the opposite wall.  In each space I style, I always like to put something different in each space and in here I believe the book collage would be great and a conversation piece as well!  Here is a shot of a book collage in my own home:

book collage

Last, I’ll share the office space idea board:

offices pic

Like I said earlier, the existing desks and credenzas are traditional, so I want to update in a way each space flows, but each office is its own.  I love these wing back chairs, traditional yet modern.

Thank you for following along with one of my projects!  Enjoy your day, and the rest of the week!


Bone Broth in Crockpot!

Happy New Year!  I pray this year is your best year yet.  For me, I’d like to eat healthier and exercise a bit more.  One of the things I’ve added to my diet daily is bone broth.  Bone broth gives your body so many health benefits!  Here are just a few things bone broth helps with: detox, allergies, cold+flu, bloating, brittle hair and nails, fatigue, helps with low libido, indigestion, IBS, inflammation, and much more.  (Now if you are like me, you’ll go google and read all about bone broth) Drink a cup daily and reap many benefits.  Everyone makes bone broth a little different.  You can use any bones, ham, pork, chicken, beef, deer..  here’s how I make it:

4 carrots

4 celery sticks

1 white onion

6 garlic cloves

salt + pepper


2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar

I prefer beef bones, you can ask for them at your local butcher, or some grocery stores sell them.  The first thing I do is boil the bones in water for about 15 minutes, then I roast them in the oven for about 20 minutes.  This just brings out the flavor..  I rough chop my veggies and throw them in the crock pot.  DO NOT put your garlic in until the last hour or 2.  For bone broth you cook on low for 24-48 hours.  I say the longer the better.  I put my carrots, celery, onion in the bottom of crockpot, then put bones on top after they roast for a bit.  I cover with water, add apple cider vinegar, salt + pepper, turmeric. I don’t measure these.  I just give a few good shakes.  I let it cook over night then the next day I add my garlic.  After it’s  cooked for 24-48 hours, I strain the liquid and salt and pepper again to taste.  I store in mason jars in the fridge. I also store in freezer: use muffin tins and freezer bags for this.  The broth will last 3-4 days in refrigerator, then you should boil it before you drink it.  You can skim fat off of the top if you prefer.  Ok I’m about to go enjoy my broth for the day!  Cheers!



Enjoy my friends!

Breakfast tablescape

I had a few people ask if I could show a breakfast tablescape.  Most everyone has Christmas with extended family before Christmas Day so my vision for this table is vintage, relaxed, and welcoming.  Perfect for a breakfast gathering.


I pulled out vintage enamel dishes to give it a country feel.  Our table is rustic farmhouse style so styled it to compliment the farmhouse theme.


I took our vintage Coca-Cola  crate and filled it with our flatware, extra napkins, and a few decor pieces I pulled from other rooms.  You could literally use paper plates instead of dishes so it’s easy cleanup 😉.


Please share your tablescape with me via Instagram.  You can use #interiorswag and tag us in the picture @interiorswag we will feature our favorites.  Merry Christmas, Enjoy!

A Very Merry Tablescape

Can you believe this year is almost over?  My favorite holiday is Christmas so I naturally have more Christmas decor than any other holiday.  I’ve teamed up with some talented Instagram buds to bring you a fun blog hop! It’s all about Christmas tablescapes and I’m so excited to share mine with you guys!  Links to the other ladies blogs are attached at the bottom!


I literally used dollar tree items mainly for this Tablescape! My chargers and candle holders are from dollar tree!  I also pulled from my decor in other rooms as well.  I want to keep my decor simple this year in each space.  Simplicity is what I kept in mind as I was styling my Tablescape.


I used flour sacks for napkins & yes, that’s a rug for a centerpiece.  I used a wreath around a few vases, put a little cotton in vintage milk glass to make the centerpiece.  I cut fresh cedar from my parents yard to dress up the light fixture.



I added a little color by using these vintage ornaments.  My mother gave these to me last week.  They were my grandmother’s so they are very special to me.  I hope this little blog post encourages you.  You can make your Tablescape beautiful on a fixed low budget.  My favorite budget savvy tip is to pull decor you’re using in other spaces and style your table!  Share your Tablescape with me by tagging me on Instagram and don’t forget to hop over and visit my inspiring friends here below:


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DIY snow globe

Hi beautiful friends,

I wanted to share with you guys my DIY snow globe!  I am loving the simplicity of some of my Christmas decor this year.  I am always looking for a fun project my 2.5 year old can help me with too.  This little project takes like 5 minutes to put together so it’s perfect for your kids to help with.  Quick + easy!

Ok, supplies: I used a few vintage mason jars, fake snow from Walmart, and the tiny trees you would use for a snow village.  See pictures below!




Y’all, isn’t this easy?!? And cheap!  Share your pictures and DIY projects with me via Instagram!  I’d love to see!  Enjoy!