Thanksgiving Tablescape “on a budget”

Hi beautiful friends!  I am so excited to share with you my Thanksgiving tablescape, AND its budget friendly!  I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers and they too have shared their tablescapes as well.  I’ve listed a direct link to each at the bottom of this post.


My inspiration for this look was from my woodland spode china.  I wanted to bring the outside in by using different textures.


Y’all, I didn’t buy a thing for this setting.  I used some faux fall pumpkins and pulled decor from other spaces to style our table.  Let’s talk about the wine glasses.  Guys, these are acrylic, and from Walmart!  I love using beautiful stemware for water or sweet tea.  I don’t think you have to just use these for wine.


I mentioned this Tablescape is budget friendly.  I used pine cones and pine needles from our yard to add some greenery for FREE!  I pulled out our vintage milk glass vases to layer.  Hit up your local yard sales or thrift stores to find these gems.  I got a box full for less than $2!  The antlers were my father’s he has tons in his old shed.


Let’s talk about napkins!  Well, I seemed to have mis placed mine so y’all I used bounty paper towels, I know, stay with me here.  For me, I don’t want to have to do anymore laundry than I have to…and would you have even noticed if I wouldn’t have told you?!?

I also wanted “fine china” I could use, not something that has to be hand washed.  I love our woodland spode because it’s dishwasher friendly!  Can I get an amen?!?


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Farmhouse Style AMAZON

Happy Fall my dear friends.  Who else shops on!? Well I’m about to give you a few secret sources to some of my budget friendly favorite decor!


Here is a quick collage of just a few of my favorites! These may just be on my wish list too!  Now, jump on your device and shop away!  Enjoy!



Drop cloth curtains/galvanized curtain rod

Ok guys, I found an inexpensive way to add a sleek industrial feel to your home!  I used galvanized pipe to make our curtain rods with no sew painters drop cloths as our curtains.  I did 2 Windows, and our  French doors for around $100!  That’s 6 curtain panels in all!  Here’s what we bought from The Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Galvanized pipe ( comes in 10ft pieces so you get them to cut lengths of your windows) I used 1″ pipe

floor flanges you’ll need 2 for each Windows

galvanized nipple 2 for each window

galvanized elbow 2 for each window. I used 3″

I also chose galvanized over bronze because the galvanized won’t rust over time like the bronze will.  Just FYI.



For our curtain panels I used canvas drop clothes from Walmart.  I bought 6, for my project.  Make sure you wash them a few times before hanging them.  Otherwise, they smell, shed everywhere, and are stiff.


I also bought drapery rings to attach curtains to for installing.


I attached a few pictures so you can see what I bought.  Remember, to wipe pipe off with a good degreaser before installing.

Here’s finished product:



To get the ruffled look, just fold over 12-16″.

And wallah!


Bathroom vanity

So, we love our kitchen cabinet color so much we decided to give our master bathroom vanity a fresh coat of fabulous!  We used the same paint: Behr marquee Classic Silver.

Here is the before:


Excuse the mess!  But you can see how “dated” this space was!

You won’t believe the after!


It’s ah-mazing what a little paint will do!

You can find the paint and supplies at your nearest Home Depot.  Sources:

black metal chair: Wayfair, black and white pillow: Amazon.

Chalkboard Fridge

Do you adore cooking?!? I do!  Do you have children? I do!!  Ok so, this is why I chalkboard painted my refrigerator.  It keeps my daughter busy while I prepare our meals.  AND I love leaving messages on it for my husband.  Little reminders help so much.  Encouragement bible verses for my family to read before heading out the door.

Our refrigerator is white, not stainless.  I recommend not painting over stainless.  That’s just my opinion.  Here’s how I did it.

First, I cleaned the surface and let it dry well.  Then I tapped off the area.  I chose to just paint the front.

The supplies I bought from Walmart.  Chalkboard paint from the craft section, high density  4″ foam roller, a small sponge  brush.  That’s it!!

Here is the exact chalkboard paint I used:688C2463-4586-468D-A0AC-9D59B1E63A61

I applied 3-4 coats.  I used about 3/4 of the jar to do the whole front.  I will say, let the paint set for a few days before you start writing on it.

heres the link to the paint




Now, I know you wanna paint your fridge!  Please share with me @interiorswag on Instagram!


Blackberry herb infused water

Ok guys, I’m back!  I am sitting here watching my husband and baby girl nap enjoying a little quiet time reading a quick devotional by Holley Gerth.  I’m enjoying my herb infused blackberry water.  Everyone always asks for the recipe so here ya go:

a sprig or two of each:

mint, lemon thyme, basil, and rosemary

ice water

fruit of choice

You can use any herb/fruit mixture. I usually like to make this mixture a day ahead of time.  Either way it’s delish and not to mention the health benefits!  Enjoy!


House to HOME

I know, it has been a minute from my last blog post.  I am so so sorry, I know you all have missed me!!  Recently, my husband and I bought a house.  We are so excited to make this house a home.  Slowly, we are transforming it into our very own farmhouse that we can love for life.  I will be sharing this journey here on my blog.  So,  first I am sharing the progress in our dining area.


My goal as a designer is to be very budget friendly for my clients.  I apply this to my own home as well.  That is why I am known as the budget designer of the south!!  Now, let me share with you a few of my secrets!!  Do you love the metal/wood shelves??  They are from WALMART!!  I bought two to achieve the look of a buffet.  The shabby chic chair covers are from Target!  I also mixed in a few thrifty finds.  I hope this is motivating you to transform your house into a home!!  Tag Interior Swag in your posts, and we will share our favorites!!


It’s all in the details!

Design News

What?!?  Kate Spade is getting into the interior design biz!  The brand announced this week they are expanding their already lovable home furnishings to include: furniture, lighting, rugs, and fabric.  The full collection will make their appearance SPRING 2016 and I cannot wait!  Thanks for the sneak Kate!  Check it out:

Living Room





Home Office




This is just a sneak peek.  She is launching over 325 pieces Spring 2016 so stay tuned!  Which look is your favorite?  Share your Interior Swag and mention/tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a re-post!

Top 3 Design DON’TS

Timeless unforgettable advice!  Designer wisdom!  It is hard to know what works in a space.  Here are a few easy tips to remember when designing your next space:

Ditch the fake greenery!

Always always have fresh flowers on hand!  Bring life into your space.  AND less is more.  If the top of a cabinet is the problem,  add a vintage basket, something that could be used for storage later.

71ca6e979a33d6865752683e5e5de6c4Photo credit: Pinterest

Matchy Matchy!

Make your room sing by ditching the bedroom suite or living room suite and mix and match AND mix styles.  Make your kitchen island or bar stand out by using a different color or use different throw pillows on your sofa and lose the ones that came with it.  Apartment Therapy has a great example of a living area makeover.  Thank you AT for your interior inspiration!!

1Photo credit:  Apartment Therapy

2Photo credit:  Apartment Therapy

Grouping in Even numbers!

Grouping in even numbers tend to look “staged”, “stale”, or even “cold”, 3 seems to be the magic number for interior designers but the rule also applies for  groups of 5 and 7.  AND designers are not the only ones that follow this “rule” so does architects and photographers ;).  For me this mostly applies to accessories.  Balance out each area with lamps, stools, or a bench to add symmetry to the area.  LOVE how the space below has odd accessories without losing the symmetry of the space!

Symmetrical-console-talbe-display-and-decoratingPhoto credit: Remodealholic


There you have it!  Easy tips to follow and look for in every space!!  So, what space are you going to “REDO”?  I want to know how I inspired you!  Post your coffee table, bookshelf, end table, ect. to Instagram and tag @interiorswag in it letting me know how we helped you.  Whatever space you have in mind, snap a finished pic and post it, I just may share your interior swag with others! Follow Interior Swag on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for design projects, GIVEAWAYS, and interior inspiration..Happy Designing!