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    An easy way to level up a space!

    .. -this post is sponsored by Modern Blaze.  The opinions are my own. -this post contains affiliate links.  Doesn’t cost you any more or any less to use these links. Today I am going to share an easy way to bring a little coziness to any space in your home.  We wanted to level up our master bedroom space, keeping our small budget in mind.  Before I dive in too much let me start with a before shot of the space: Since this photo, we’ve space planned a bit, moving our bed center the two large windows.  We Facebook marketplaced this existing bed and traded for an upholstered transitional bed.…

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    All about Bedrooms

    … Bedrooms should be an important space in your home.  After all, it is where you sleep, relax, and find rest.  I’m sharing some bedroom design ideas to give you some inspiration so that you can create your own serene living space.  Let’s start with my own master bedroom: Before: First things first, pick your bed wall/feature wall.  A good rule is to use the uninterrupted wall. Don’t be afraid to put your bed against a window, or if you don’t have a window frame your bed with curtains to make a statement.  The goal here, your bed wall is the focal point of the space.  You can see the…